Personality Profiling

As a Professional Practitioner registered with the New Zealand Association of Psychological Type, I am a committed user of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, an insightful personality profiling tool that increases our self-awareness and validates others. It is applied in a range of areas including career development, communication and relationship coaching, business, teamwork, leadership, parenting and education.

In all applications of the MBTI®, the emphasis is on better understanding of yourself and others, appreciating strengths and gifts, and recognising potential growth areas.

Personality type theory grew from the work of the visionary psychiatrist CG Jung and was further developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is widely used throughout the world, is based on over 50 years of research and has proven to be robust, reliable, valid and ethical in all areas of its application.

The MBTI® is designed to reveal your natural preferences for:

Source of Energy
Decision Making

You are the expert on you, and the one who is best qualified to confirm the accuracy of the self-report. Once you have completed the MBTI® questionnaire, we will meet for an assessment and discussion session to deepen your understanding of your psychological type and your natural patterns of action and attitude.

This knowledge will guide you in your career design and development, improve your communication and connection with others, reveal your natural gifts and potential areas for growth, and enrich your contribution as a valuable team member, both within your family and at work.

The result will be a meaningful and rewarding career.