Team Building Workshops

We are at our best when we use our preferred approach to activities and interactions with others … and this is true for the people we work with. For a team to work at their best, each person’s natural working style needs to be understood and utilised.

Team building, as conducted with the help of the MBTI® tool, is a process which supports a group of individuals to learn about themselves and each other, and understand how these different components fit together to boost team success. Recognising each person’s preferences optimises the capabilities of the team as a whole.

Workshop Focus

A group of people who understand and value differences can build a team where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The MBTI® tool specifically aids team members to achieve this by supplying a framework in which everyone can better understand and manage crucial issues such as communication, team dynamics, problem solving and time management.

Team building and the MBTI® also support the creation of working agreements that make it possible for everyone to contribute. Central motivators for each team member are considered as well as collective answers to questions such as:

Team Building Activities

Workshops are informative and interactive. A range of activities provide opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding of their own preferences and to experience the different preferences of team members. Group and/or individual follow up sessions are available to review progress and objectives.