"Thank you very much for all of your help with my CV and the interview coaching. It truly did pay off and I’ve landed a job as an Associate Consultant with a recruitment company. It couldn’t get any better. Also, I was told that I have an amazing CV and that it is very well written. With the help of your interview coaching, I was able to match that with my confidence and personality. Thank you again."
- D Johnston

"I have been a client of Sharon’s since 2006, when she was originally contracted to CV Magic, and now in her own company, Personality Works Limited. I have always found Sharon responsive, a perceptive communicator and highly skilled writing CVs, resumes and covering letters for a range of senior positions I have applied for within government organisations and the not for profit sector.  She is extremely professional, provides insightful vocational guidance and is always willing to go the extra mile for clients.

As a result of her efforts, I have successfully obtained roles as a senior policy advisor with government departments, both in New Zealand and in Australia. I would happily recommend her services.
- M. Batson

"I chose the Career Conversations Course for a number of reasons:
I had recently left my employer due to illness and having to retrain after 26 years of using a keyboard. I was at a loss what my transferable skills were, how to market these skills and the types of careers I could be suited to.

The day the course started I was surprised to find other course participants also looking at new careers or re-entering the workforce after a long absence. We started looking at what types of personality traits we had using the MBTI method. This helped clarify the types of jobs most suited to our personalities that would give us an enjoyable and satisfying career.

Another session was working through our CV’s, hacking and rewording or completely starting from scratch. I was left with a CV that would never have to be changed and captured all my past history with emphasis on my transferable skills. Following the completion of my CV sample cover letters were discussed with templates given as a guide.

The final session covered the interview process, discovering what employers are really looking for, the most common questions you would be asked and how to answer the question without going off on a tangent.

I finished the course with confidence that my CV represents my strengths. I now have the knowledge to confidently attend interviews and I am left with an idea of my future career choice and am currently looking at a degree in early childhood.

Thank you Sharon for your wonderful personality and easy to understand training. I truly recommend the Career Conversations Course to anyone who feels scared of the whole employment process, has no idea of where to start or what type of work you want to do, or you never seem to get offered a job following an interview.

Finally, Sharon shared this saying with us and it has made a huge impact on me.
If you don’t believe in yourself, how are you going to convince someone else to employ you?
- Sara van Duyn – Career Conversations Participant

"The C.V. has changed my life!!! THANK YOU! I got the first job that I applied for. I am relocating to the South Island, to have a complete career change. Thank you once again. I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t met you. I’m off to live my DREAM”.
- K. Clerke